This is the offical HQ (website) for the Assassin's Corps global RP for minecraft. We exist on many servers, but are always the same character. inspired by Assassin's creed.
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 IC Biography

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PostSubject: IC Biography   Wed Jan 11, 2012 12:11 am

The Assassin's Corps was created in the Third Era of world history (Beta 1.7). The 'Corps was started by the man known as Sventar Tokeq (S-Venn-Tar Toe-Kay). Before the start of the 'Corps, Sventar served as a Royal Guard in the Kingdom (Server) of Medievalcraft. After a total corruption in the monarchy system, Sventar set out to the lands of Altera. In Altera, he found a land of prosperity and equality. Unfortunately, this did not last very long. After he had become co-mayor of the town of Stormguard, the government system turned corrupt. Any town that was not suitable to them was left to be pillaged and looted. Sventar's home and home town was destroyed, he was left with absolutely nothing. All of his funds were gone, as well as all of his food. His friends were either dead, left, or corrupted. He set out and started a guild. The guild quickly became known as the Assassin's Guild. Here he legally trained and recruited Assassin's in the town of Frostguard, an add-on of Stormguard that survived the corruption. Eventually, a day came when all Guild's were banned from the kingdom. Frostguard soon fell, for it itself was basically a giant guild, or army. Sventar did not give up. He traveled many towns until he found the beautiful town of Ascension Heights, where he met Billy, a friend from the Kingdom of Medievalcraft. Billy agreed to let Sventar start up the Assassin's once more, discretely. When the guild became strong enough, it left the clutches of the great man Billy, and created it's own self-sustaining headquarters. The name later became the Assassin's Corps. This name change was due to the increasing power of the Assassin's. While the self-sustaining town collapsed, Sventar and his colleagues still keep the guild alive in strong through many different Kingdom's.
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IC Biography
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