This is the offical HQ (website) for the Assassin's Corps global RP for minecraft. We exist on many servers, but are always the same character. inspired by Assassin's creed.
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 The Three Tenets

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PostSubject: The Three Tenets   Wed Jan 11, 2012 12:40 am

The Three Tenets are the Three Main Laws of the 'Corps. They have metaphorically meaning behind them, as well as literal meaning. The Metaphorical meaning is not to be explained to you, but rather learned as you progress in the 'Corps.

Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent
"I would not have drawn attention to us. I would not have taken the life of an innocent."

Hide in plain sight
"Let the people mask you such that you become one with the crowd."

Never compromise the 'Corps
"Your actions must never bring harm upon us - direct or indirect!"

The Maxim
"Nothing is true; everything is permitted"
This holds a high metaphorical meaning behind it. No literal meaning at all.
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The Three Tenets
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