This is the offical HQ (website) for the Assassin's Corps global RP for minecraft. We exist on many servers, but are always the same character. inspired by Assassin's creed.
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 Important Assassin Terms/Abbreviations

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PostSubject: Important Assassin Terms/Abbreviations   Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:23 pm


Den: This refers to Servers. A server is considered a den.

Den Leader: This is when an Assassin reaches the rank of Admin in a Den

Den Captain: This is when an Assassin reaches the rank of Moderator in a Den

Master Den Leader: This is when an Assassin owns a private/public server.

Kingdom: Another word for Den/Server, generally a reference to larger/more well organized servers.

Stationed Assassin: When an Assassin is stationed into a certain Den, they will not get to participate in missions in other Dens, but have more access to more missions in their own Den.

Unstationary Assassin: An Assassin looking to be stationed, but not yet stationed.

Free Assassin: An assassin sent to do missions in varying den's.


BNA: Banishment Not Acceptable. This means that you must not get banned while on the mission.

BUA: Banishment Unavoidable. This means that the mission will most likely result in a ban, which is fine as long as you complete the task.

TDS: Total Discretion. This means that if anyone finds out what or why your on a mission, it can be very compromising to the entire 'Corps.

MNA: Mods Not Allowed. This means that none of the Mods that are allowed in the 'Corps may be used during this mission.
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Important Assassin Terms/Abbreviations
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