This is the offical HQ (website) for the Assassin's Corps global RP for minecraft. We exist on many servers, but are always the same character. inspired by Assassin's creed.
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 Ranks of the Assassin's

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PostSubject: Ranks of the Assassin's   Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:37 pm

(Ordered lowest to Highest)
Regular Ranks

Recruit (Level 1)
Recruit Rank 2 (Level 2)
Recruit Rank 3 (Level 3)
Apprentice (Level 4)
Rookie Assassin (Level 5)
Novice Assassin (Level 6)
Intermediate Assassin (Level 7)
Assassin (Level 8 )
Adept Assassin (Level 9)
Master Assassin in Training 1-4 (Level 10-13)
Master Assassin (Level 14)

Special Ranks
Only given out on special notices, not to be asked for.

Exiled/Banned (Level 0)
Scout (Level 6)
Sentry (Level 7)
Tactical Assassin (Level 8 )
Den Captain (Level 14)
Den Leader (Level 15)
Master Den Leader (Rank 16)
Assassin Leader (Rank X)

Ranks of Commandment

Den Leaders may command assassin's within their den as well as any Den Captains.

Den Captains may command assassin's within their den, but not the Den Leader.

Master Assassins may command over any lower ranks with permission of their Den Leader, Den Captain, or The Assassin Leader himself.
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Ranks of the Assassin's
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